The PlayBook

by Stonecroft Homes

A proprietary tool developed by us to help our customers manage the home building process.

The Playbook was developed for Stonecroft clients to help manage the Homebuilding Process.  Its this attention to the Client Experience that continues to place Stonecroft Homes in a league of their own.  In short, its a focus on the building process and managing your expectations.

We’ve heard the stories from clients and others how the process with their previous home builder, or friends, was unorganized.  This was a cause of extra stress that could have been avoided.  The Play Book by Stonecroft is tailored to each clients home and breaks the “selection process” into manageable steps that will not overwhelm you.  It is the wealth of knowledge gained in building over 200 custom homes for all types of clients.

The Play Book includes the instructions for what your roles and responsibilities are at each step of the home building process.  The accurate and timely information that you provide us with the help of The Playbook will be critical in helping us exceed your expectations for your new home.