If You Can’t Describe what you are Doing as a Process

You don’t know what You are Doing.

– W. Edwards Deming
The Process | Our Approach
Our passion is designing and building your Home.  The Stonecroft Home Building Process ensures your experience is not overly complex or intimidating. It is for this reason, we are here to guide you every step of the way.  A Team Centered approach with Open Communication ensures the success of your Stonecroft Home. The entire Stonecroft Team invests time from the beginning, learning what it is that you envision your home to be. Harmoniously, we balance OUR experience and creativity with YOUR vision and offer guidance to ensure your satisfaction with your largest investment. As a proactive home builder, we’ll keep you informed every step of the process. You can count on up-to-date, accurate communication about your home’s progress, including weekly phone calls, e-mails, and good old face-to-face meetings. We want to make sure your experience goes smoothly, and that we’re always there to answer any questions or concerns you may have.
Lot Analysis | Factors to Consider
At Stonecroft Homes we go out and walk the home site with you. We carefully consider everything from tree clearing, sun orientation, topography etc. We help you understand how your home design will work with the characteristics of your lot.
We help you understand the hard costs such as purchase price, utilities, property taxes, topography and associated building costs, architectural restrictions and subdivision related costs. We also look at the “intangible” lot costs such as the view, location, schools, amenities, etc. By analyzing the costs associated with a lot we are able to present a realistic estimate on the true costs of building on a given site.
Oftentimes, a lot that may be less expensive, can be significantly more due to additional foundation costs caused by the topography (rise or fall of lot), septic issues on larger plots. By performing a lot analysis we are usually able to save our clients many thousands of dollars, and help them find a site that is best suited to their home design and lifestyle.
The combined years of experience Stonecroft Homes brings to the process of choosing a lot is so beneficial and critical to the overall success of the construction of your new home.  We have encountered sink holes, sites that gave almost 30 foot tall basement ceiling, underground springs, organic fill, and the list goes on with clients who chose their lots without consulting Stonecroft in the beginning. Many times, these situations can be prevented by having a proactive home builder like Stonecroft Homes that considers these variables up front and educates their clients.

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